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About Fukushin, Abdominal Diagnosis

Todo Yoshimasu is credited for his work in developing Kampo abdominal diagnosis in eighteenth century. The abdominal diagnosis, a practice known as Fukushin is unique to the Kampo School. Although various abdominal diagnoses were originally described in Chinese medical classics such as Shang Han Lun (‘Treatise on Cold Damage’) and Nan Jing (‘Canon of Eighty-One Difficult Issues’), this specific diagnostic method had long been abandoned in China. Thus, this practice is not included in modern iterations of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Fukushin was further advanced by Bunrei Inaba and Yoshitora (Shukuko) Wakuda by the beginning of the nineteenth century.  They have written Fukusho Kiran and Fukusho KiranYoku. The texts are considered as the two most important classics describing Shang Han Lun style abdominal diagnosis.

An Original Cover of Fukusho Kiran (1800)

An Original Cover of Fukusho Kiran Yoku (1809)


Illustrations of Classical Fukushin Method (from Fukusho Kiran Yoku, 1809)