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Important Copyright Notice

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Regarding Images on our Site:
We have been receiving an increasing amount of inquiries regarding our images. While the many of the images (both photos and graphics) on our website are photographed or created by the content author, some of the images were purchased through various photo stocking companies or directly from artists. Any unauthorized usage of any of the images can lead not only to claims from us but also from other companies, illustrators and photographers.

We may grant permission to use some of the images on our site under certain circumstances and conditions.

Please send us your request and include all of the following information for consideration:

  • Contact name
  • Email address
  • Specify the image you are interested in (state the image and/or URL)
  • How and where the image will be used. If on a website, please include the site’s URL

Please contact info@kampo.ca

Once we grant our permission, you will be asked that you do not alter the original image, remove any water marks or copyright symbols.  In addition, you will need to add an image credit with a link to our website.  The detailed instructions will be included in our reply email.

Please note that we can only consider the user authorization for images for which we own the rights.


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