Textbook of Medical Philosophy and Experiences on Medicine


Author:  Manase Dosan


Year: 1574

Country: Japan

Dosan Manase (1507 to 1594), author of Keitekishu, stayed in China for 12 years, spending his time there studying the medical systems used in the Jin (1115-1234 A.D.) and Yuan (1279-1368 A.D.) dynasties. There Manase found that the basis for Jin Yuan medicine was the dichotomy of the yin and the yang, as well as the ‘five elements’ theories, which compared the human body to a small universe. Manase established a medical school called Keitekiin where he trained several hundred physicians. Manase’s most significant contribution to Japanese medicine is also his most subtle; his ideas of simplicity and practicality, imparted through his lectures and his writing in Keitekishu, came to serve as a thematic foundation of the development of Kampo.