Kampo Online

We offer an online consultation to our site visitors, which acts as complementary to their local doctors’ and practitioners’ care

(please read the Terms and Conditions)

• We will review your submitted health history and Kampo Evaluation forms.
• Based on the analysis, we will provide our recommendations which will include suggested Kampo formulas (if deemed applicable for your unique situation).
• If applicable, we may arrange a delivery of the formula to your home or office (additional charges will apply).

Fee for Initial Review and Recommendation

How to get started:

If you are interested to proceed, please follow these steps:
• Submit Health Evaluation Forms online. Please be sure to submit both General Questionnaire and Kampo Constitutional Evaluation Form. (Please indicate on the forms that you are seeking the online consultation).
• Review the Consent Form. If you agree with the Terms and Conditions, please sign, then fax or email it back to us (detailed instructions are included in the form).
• Upon the receipt of the three required forms, we will send you a confirmation email with the payment instructions (Credit Card over the phone or PayPal).
• Once we have received the payment, we will start to prepare a report with suggestions of Herbal Medicines.

Please allow 5-7 business days to get back to you. For any inquiries, please email to: