Fish and Seafood

 Sashimi and Kaiseki Cuisine in Ryokan, Japan

Kampo Dietary Therapy
ItemCategoryThermal NatureFlavor
AbaloneFish and SeafoodNeutralSweet, salty
Amur catfish (Japanease cat fish, namazu)Fish and SeafoodWarmSweet
Asari clam (Japanese littleneck)Fish and SeafoodColdSweet, salty
Basket clams (shijimi)Fish and SeafoodColdSweet, salty
BassFish and SeafoodNeutralSweet, salty
CarpFish and SeafoodNeutralSweet
CatfishFish and SeafoodNeutralSweet
CaviarFish and SeafoodColdSalty
Chinese softshell turtle (suppon)Fish and SeafoodCoolSalty
CrabFish and SeafoodColdSweet, salty
CrayfishFish and SeafoodWarmSweet, salty
Dojo LoachFish and SeafoodNeutralSweet
EelFish and SeafoodWarmSweet
Hamaguri (Meretrix lusoria)Fish and SeafoodColdSalty
HerringFish and SeafoodNeutralSweet, salty
Jack mackerels (Aji)Fish and SeafoodWarmSweet
Jellyfish (kurage)Fish and SeafoodNeutralSalty
LobsterFish and SeafoodNeutralSweet, salty
Mackerel (saba)Fish and SeafoodNeutralSweet
Mackerel pike (Pacific saury, sanma)Fish and SeafoodNeutralSweet
MusselFish and SeafoodWarmSalty
Octopus (tako)Fish and SeafoodNeutralSweet, salty
Olive flounder (Bastard halibut, hirame)Fish and SeafoodNeutralSweet
OysterFish and SeafoodNeutralSweet, salty
PrawnFish and SeafoodWarmSweet, salty
Puffer fish (fugu)Fish and SeafoodWarmSweet
SalmonFish and SeafoodWarmSweet
Sardine (iwashi)Fish and SeafoodWarmSweet, salty
ScallopFish and SeafoodNeutralSweet
Sea breams (porgies, tai)Fish and SeafoodNeutralSweet
Sea SnailFish and SeafoodNeutralSweet, salty
Sea urchins (uni)Fish and SeafoodCoolSweet, salty
Seabass (Japanese seabass, suzhuki)Fish and SeafoodNeutralSweet
SharkFish and SeafoodNeutralSweet, salty
Shark finFish and SeafoodNeutralSweet
ShrimpFish and SeafoodWarmSweet
Skipjack tuna (oceanic bonito, katsuo)Fish and SeafoodNeutralSweet
SquidFish and SeafoodNeutralSalty, sweet
Sweetfish (Ayu, Plecoglossus altivelis)Fish and SeafoodNeutralSweet
TroutFish and SeafoodNeutralSweet
TunaFish and SeafoodWarmSweet
Yellowtail (Japanese amberjack , buri)Fish and SeafoodWarmSweet, sour

Table side barbecue abalone in Japanese Ryokan