Kampo Dietary Therapy
Item Category Thermal Nature Flavor
White wine Beverages (alcoholic) Cool Sour, sweet
Cottage Cheese Dairy Products and Eggs Cool Sweet, sour
Sour cream Dairy Products and Eggs Cool Sour, sweet
Cheese (cow’s milk) Dairy Products and Eggs Neutral Sweet, sour
Yogurt Dairy Products and Eggs Neutral Sweet, sour
Yellowtail (Japanese amberjack , buri) Fish and Seafood Warm Sweet, sour
Grapefruit Fruits Cold Sweet, sour
Kiwi Fruits Cold Sweet, sour
Blackberry Fruits Cool Sweet, sour
Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) Fruits Cool Sour
Blueberry Fruits Cool Sweet, sour
Cranberry Fruits Cool Sweet, sour
Currant, red Fruits Cool Sweet, sour
Gooseberry Fruits Cool Sweat, sour
Lemon Fruits Cool Sour, astringent
Mango Fruits Cool Sweet, sour
Mirabelle (mirabelle prune) Fruits Cool Sweet, sour
Mulberry Fruits Cool Sweet, sour
Orange Fruits Cool Sweet, sour
Pear Fruits Cool Sweet, sour
Pomelo (zabon) Fruits Cool Sweet, sour
Star fruit Fruits Cool Sweet, sour
Strawberry Fruits Cool Sweet, sour
Tangerine Fruits Cool Sweet, sour
Apple Fruits Neutral Sour, sweet
Apricot Fruits Neutral Sweet, sour
Carambola (starfruit) Fruits Neutral Sour, sweet
Grape Fruits Neutral Sweet, sour
Loquat fruits (Japanese medlar, biwa) Fruits Neutral Sweet, sour
Plum Fruits Neutral Sweet, sour
Prune (Prunus salicina. Japanese plum, sumomo) Fruits Neutral Sour, sweet
Raspberry Fruits Neutral Sweet, sour
Kumquat (kinkan) Fruits Warm Acrid, sweet, sour
Lychee (Litchi) Fruits Warm Sweet, sour
Orange Peel Fruits Warm Sour, bitter, aromatic
Peach Fruits Warm Sweet, sour
Pomegranate Fruits Warm Sweet, sour, astringent
Ume Plum (Japanese apricot, ume) Fruits Warm Sour
Aduki bean Legumes Neutral Sweet, sour
Pheasant Meat Warm Sweet, sour
Wheat vinegar Oils and vinegars Cool Sour
Cider Vinegar Oils and vinegars Neutral Sour, acrid
Red wine vinegar Oils and vinegars Warm Sour
Rice vinegar Oils and vinegars Warm Sour
Sherry Vinegar Oils and vinegars Warm Sour
Rhubarb Vegetables Cold Sour
Sauerkraut Vegetables Cool Sour
Sorrel Vegetables Cool Sour
Tomato Vegetables Cool Sweet, sour
Olive Vegetables Neutral Sweet, sour, astringent