Kampo Dietary Therapy
Item Category Thermal Nature Flavor
Beer Beverages (alcoholic) Cool Bitter, sweet
White wine Beverages (alcoholic) Cool Sour, sweet
Uron Tea Beverages (non-alcoholic) Cool Bitter, sweet, astringent
Butter Dairy Products and Eggs Cool Sweet, fatty
Buttermilk Dairy Products and Eggs Cool Sweet
Cottage Cheese Dairy Products and Eggs Cool Sweet, sour
Cream cheese Dairy Products and Eggs Cool Sweet
Sour cream Dairy Products and Eggs Cool Sour, sweet
Chinese softshell turtle (suppon) Fish and Seafood Cool Salty
Sea urchins (uni) Fish and Seafood Cool Sweet, salty
Soy sauce Flavourings Cool Salty
Avocado Fruits Cool Sweet
Banana Fruits Cool Sweet
Blackberry Fruits Cool Sweet, sour
Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) Fruits Cool Sour
Blueberry Fruits Cool Sweet, sour
Cranberry Fruits Cool Sweet, sour
Currant, red Fruits Cool Sweet, sour
Gooseberry Fruits Cool Sweat, sour
Lemon Fruits Cool Sour, astringent
Mango Fruits Cool Sweet, sour
Melon (Cantaloupe, honeydew, muskmelon) Fruits Cool Sweet, aromatic
Mirabelle (mirabelle prune) Fruits Cool Sweet, sour
Mulberry Fruits Cool Sweet, sour
Orange Fruits Cool Sweet, sour
Passion fruit Fruits Cool Bitter, bland
Pear Fruits Cool Sweet, sour
Pomelo (zabon) Fruits Cool Sweet, sour
Quince Fruits Cool Bitter
Star fruit Fruits Cool Sweet, sour
Strawberry Fruits Cool Sweet, sour
Tangerine Fruits Cool Sweet, sour
Barley Graines Cool Sweet, salty
Buckwheat Graines Cool Sweet
Job’s tears barley (Coixseed, Tear Grass, adlay, hatomugi) Graines Cool Sweet, bland
Millet Graines Cool Sweet, salty
Wheat Graines Cool Sweet
Wheat bran Graines Cool Sweet
Lima bean (butter bean) Legumes Cool Sweet
Mung bean (green bean, ryokuto) Legumes Cool Sweet
Tofu Legumes Cool Sweet
Duck Meat Cool Sweet
Frog Meat Cool Sweet
Horse Meat Cool Acrid, bitter
Mushroom (white button, portobello) Mushrooms Cool Sweet, bland
Olive Oil Oils and vinegars Cool Sweet, fatty
Wheat vinegar Oils and vinegars Cool Sour
Irish Moss (carrageen moss) Seaweeds Cool Sweet. Salty
Borage Spices and herbs Cool Bitter, sweet, salty
Chervil Spices and herbs Cool bitter, sweet
Lavender Spices and herbs Cool Bitter, acrid
Marjoram Spices and herbs Cool Acrid
Mint Spices and herbs Cool Acrid
Peppermint Spices and herbs Cool Acrid
Water chestnut Vegetable Cool Sweet, bland
Watercress Vegetable Cool Acrid, bitter
Alfalfa sprouts Vegetables Cool Bitter
Artichoke Vegetables Cool Bitter, sweet
Arugula (rocket, rucola) Vegetables Cool Acrid, bitter
Bok Choy Vegetables cool Sweet
Burdock root (gobo) Vegetables Cool Acrid, bitter
Celery Vegetables Cool Sweet, bitter
Chard Vegetables Cool Sweet, bitter
Eggplant Vegetables Cool Sweet
Endive (Belgian endive hearts) Vegetables Cool Bitter, sweet
Japanese parsley (Seri) Vegetables Cool Sweet
Konjac (or Konjak, Konjaku) Vegetables Cool Sweet
Lettuce Vegetables Cool Bitter, sweet
Lovage Vegetables Cool Bitter, acrid
Napa cabbage (hakusai) Vegetables cool Sweet
Radish (daikon) Vegetables Cool Acrid, sweet
Sauerkraut Vegetables Cool Sour
Sorrel Vegetables Cool Sour
Soybean sprout Vegetables Cool Sweet
Spinach Vegetables Cool Sweet
Tomato Vegetables Cool Sweet, sour
Turnip (white turnip, kabu) Vegetables Cool Acrid, bitter
Zucchini Vegetables Cool Sweet, bitter