Kampo Dietary Therapy
ItemCategoryThermal NatureFlavor
Milk (human)Beverages (non-alcoholic)NeutralSweet, salty
Cheese (goat’s milk)Dairy Products and EggsWarmAcrid, salty, sweet
Cheese (sheep’s milk)Dairy Products and EggsWarmAcrid, salty, sweet
Asari clam (Japanese littleneck)Fish and SeafoodColdSweet, salty
Basket clams (shijimi)Fish and SeafoodColdSweet, salty
CaviarFish and SeafoodColdSalty
CrabFish and SeafoodColdSweet, salty
Hamaguri (Meretrix lusoria)Fish and SeafoodColdSalty
Chinese softshell turtle (suppon)Fish and SeafoodCoolSalty
Sea urchins (uni)Fish and SeafoodCoolSweet, salty
AbaloneFish and SeafoodNeutralSweet, salty
BassFish and SeafoodNeutralSweet, salty
HerringFish and SeafoodNeutralSweet, salty
Jellyfish (kurage)Fish and SeafoodNeutralSalty
LobsterFish and SeafoodNeutralSweet, salty
Octopus (tako)Fish and SeafoodNeutralSweet, salty
OysterFish and SeafoodNeutralSweet, salty
Sea SnailFish and SeafoodNeutralSweet, salty
SharkFish and SeafoodNeutralSweet, salty
SquidFish and SeafoodNeutralSalty, sweet
CrayfishFish and SeafoodWarmSweet, salty
MusselFish and SeafoodWarmSalty
PrawnFish and SeafoodWarmSweet, salty
Sardine (iwashi)Fish and SeafoodWarmSweet, salty
Soy sauceFlavouringsCoolSalty
BarleyGrainesCoolSweet, salty
MilletGrainesCoolSweet, salty
Beef kidneyMeatNeutralSalty
PorkMeatNeutralSweet, salty
Kelp (kombu, konbu)SeaweedsColdSalty
NoriseaweedsColdSweet, salty
Irish Moss (carrageen moss)SeaweedsCoolSweet. Salty
SaltSpices and herbsColdSalty
BorageSpices and herbsCoolBitter, sweet, salty